“Yes, I actually enjoy working under pressure…” (No, you don’t)

(CC BY-SA 2.0) Ed Schipul

(CC BY-SA 2.0) Ed Schipul

You see the job posting, they are looking for someone like you!

A great professional in that particular area, oriented to detail, great communication skills!

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To work in a fast-paced environment

Awesome, you think…

In our company that has incredible reputation

Major ecstasy!

We are looking for someone that works well under pressure.

Yes! I love to work well under pressure… Wait, what? Why?

Be honest with yourself; Why is it right for you to say that you like to work under pressure? Why is it a prerequisite in a job posting?

When you are in the market searching for a job you provide important information about yourself, you go under the scrutiny of the recruiter, hiring manager or Human Resources personnel, but you are also looking for all the information that this job posting can tell you about the company.

Almost in any single imaginable job you will find, there will be moments when approaching deadlines, or urgent matters will arise, that is a basic common factor. In those particular moments you are expected to perform above the regular pace you usually do. No problem. You’ll adjust, you’ll adapt, you will improve. You will probably grow from the experience, you will gain knowledge. That is a good thing. A very different thing is to realize that a company is specifically looking for people that work well under pressure.

When a company says that they are looking for employees that “work well under pressure”, what they are really saying is: “Crappy company that knows no shit about planning or organization and it’s unwilling to improve processes and tools is compensating by putting all the burden of its incompetence on the employees and have a clear purpose to exploit them”.
Maybe this is not a place where you want to work.

I you are a recruiter, or the redactor of a job posting, don’t harm the chances of your company to find a valuable resource by sending a lame wrong message.


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