​A bit of nostalgia and an elaborate title. The thing is that my love for marketing is only surpassed by my love for german food, and i am just about to mix them.I have been thinking for days about how the simplest things can have huge results. Innovation and simplicity. How we lost those two things? Innovation and simplicity. Companies often forget that, most of the time the customer’s needs are simple and basic, that once we have discovered those needs everything goes “downhill”. True, sometimes you have to go to research, to detail, look for resources more carefully. Many times you have to “go fetch” information on the consumer market. But among the people who work in marketing, sometimes the obvious explode in their faces. The lack of common sense or the struggle to make more “fancy” presentations hides the most direct and economical ways.
Now the “bayerische semmelknödel”: grab yourself a good bread that you bought a few days ago, let it soak in milk, adds an egg, parsley, marjoram and salt, mix it, make a few spherical dumplings and boil in hot water a few minutes. Drain… that’s it… beautiful and delicious bayerische semmelknödel (bavarian bread dumplings). They are a breeze to make; they are the best companion for any good meat with gravy or sauce (excluding any American style steak smeared with some awful sweet and gelatinous substance). Simplicity and, for some old lady a very long time ago near München, innovation. Seriously, do not be afraid of the shortest path or the easy way. Those are probably correct.

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