Own the knowledge
We are a collaborative consulting company. We'll make sure your team is up-to-date on innovation in the Media industry, Product and Brand Development, market trends, Consumer Behavior and Social Media.
It is our promise is that you won't need us (or anyone else) anymore, you will own the knowledge.

upscaled independence

Own the knowledge you paid for.

For years, companies worldwide have contracted the services of advertising and media agencies to make their products or brands known and remembered, for advertising campaigns, for marketing and promotions and to conduct studies that lead to actions in line with the market momentum, and this system has worked for many years, countless times with excellent results. There is a little problem with that system, the problem is that the knowledge and the Know-How, those things you are paying for,  always stays in the agency. We believe that the work of these advertising and media companies will remain valuable for years to come, but also believe that if your company wants to hold control on its own brands and wants to control the knowledge to recognize opportunities, especially in crisis times, that knowledge is a valuable asset, that knowledge is the product we have to offer. We offer you the chance to be the owner of the knowledge that will allow your company to work and build your brand, recognize the market cyclical opportunities, manage your own advertising and hold directly the marketing strategies that will make you the action caller, not the one receiving directions. Own this knowledge and do not stand apart from the actions that the market and consumers expect from you.

  • A planned, effective knowledge transfer

  • Have an invulnerable legacy brand

  • create a culture, be out there

  • Relatable insider knowledge to outsiders

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